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MAD CURRY - Antwerp / Song For Cathreen (Talar, 1971)

"Song For Cathreen"

Machiavel might be Belgium's best known and most successful progressive rock band, but they weren't the first. Probably the earliest band from that country playing this kind of music is Mad Curry, who released a single called "Antwerp", and then a self-entitled album, both in 1970 on the small Pirates label. The band came from Antwerp, which is in the nothern half of the country (where the Flemish variety of Dutch is spoken). The band included female vocalist Viona Westra, who sounds remarkably like Curved Air's Sonja Kristina, with saxist Joosk Geeraerts (apparently also known as Giorgio Chitschenko), organist Danny Rousseau, bassist Jean Andore (or Vandooren), and drummer Eddy Kane (or Verdonck). Notice they don't have a guitarist. Ben Miler

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TIN TIN - Toast And Marmalade For Tea / Manhattan Woman (Polydor 1971)

"Toast And Marmalade For Tea"

O dúo australiano Tin Tin, Steve Kipner e Steve Groves, publicaron dous elepés de entretido pop rock nos primeiros setentas aínda que sen dúbida o mellor é o primeiro deles no que contaron coa produción de Maurice Gibb. Estas dúas pezas están extraídas dese disco.

Máis aventuras de Steve Kipner: FRIENDS - Friends (MGM, 1973)

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KIM FOWLEY Visions Of The Future (Capitol, 1978)

"World Wide Love"

On one of Southern California's coldest nights in 1973, I wrote and recorded "Hollywood Confidential." I didn't realize at the time that this and other cuts on "Visions Of The Future" would remain unreleased until 1978. Capitol Records merely waited until the time was right and for this I am grateful. The title of this LP no should be self-explanatory. As an artist I have always been stranded at the bottom of the barrel, out of my mind in warm beds, tormented by an excess of part time lovers. I must have been crazy to create these instant slime classics. Much more fulfilling however than to watch the world go by on a 2-inch screen. 

"Shine Like A Radio" was once performed on stage at the Whisky a Go Go by the Hollywood Stars for the amusement of Angela Bowie. Ms. Bowie screamed, "Hit.!". An epic inspired by devil juice, it sure beats shooting pool. "Visions Of The Future," this LP's title track is "The cry of a psychopathic dog, indeed the  barking fever of a frustrated animal." The above quote belongs to the combined verbal forces of that particular Kim Fowley band which featured Peter Lion, ex-Hudson Brothers,  Mars Bonfire, ex-Steppenwolf; Jim Moon, one of the last Byrds drummers,Carlos Bernal, an ex-Byrds roadie and guest multi-instrumentalist Chris Darrow, founder member of Kaleidoscope. These selections were recorded for the infamous unreleased "Automatic" LP. "California Gypsy Man" was written in Vaxholm, Sweden. Surely one of the great undiscovered treasures of this century. 

"It's Great To Be Alive" was created by myself and Rodney Bingenheimer. A slice of summer smiles, this work of mid-south  dada along with "California Gypsy Man" appeared on the sex rockers favorite LP of 1972 "I'm Bad." Band at the time included Mars Bonfire, Tornado Turner, who took James Williamson's place in the Stooges at a post-"Raw Power"Chicago gig. Iggy used to sing "She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills," plus "It Will Stand" during these tarnished days. The drummer was Dreshan Theaker, ex-Crazy World of ArthurBrown, and Warren Zevon. Piano and bass were Peter Sears, ex-Rod Stewart and current Jefferson Starship.  

"E.S.P. Reader," composed in Topanga Canyon, deals with romantic lies on a leather and shades level. "World Wide Love" hardly a statement of pan american boogie or teenage cruises rather points out my view of the global village from a pinball millionaire position. These last two sides were from my "International Heroes" LP, recorded in London and North Africa with various U.K. players including Tony Mac, Charlie McCracken, ex- Taste; a tall, multi-genius' named Peter; a mystery keyboard pounder; Ron Charles, a phantom Harmonicat, Kerry Scott and Glen Turner who should have been the Stevie Winwood of the 70's. 

"Forbidden Love" a song to blue-eyed tigers; written on the road to hell, that I crawled upon at that time, from "I'm Bad." "Something New," night burning predictions from yours truly from his interchangeable House of Wax. From "Heroes" LP in '73. "International Heroes," hot trax from LP of same name. Recorded this year by the British Lions. 
"Save Your Love For A Rainy Day" was my black orchid statement sung with the Queen of Hearts, Becky Hobbs, the only lady to ever jam with the Duane Allman - led Allman Brothers Band at the '72 New Orleans Pop Festival. "Film Maker" from "Automatic" proves among my skin and bones thrust, is a tribute to the director of "EI Topo:" "Mom And Dad" from "Automatic" proves I am one of the world's oldest children. "Red China" a bit of lipstick advertising from" I' m Bad" should put me way up in the politico waaaah. 

Selections from "I'm Bad" and "Heroes" were produced by Jeff Cheen. I produced the cuts from "Automatic." I arranged everything. The engineers and mixer were Dave Hassinger, Paul Grupp and Mike Ross. Photography by Norman Seef. 

I made this record because I am unique and special. I also produced tapes around the same time by Gene Vincent, Blue Cheer, and the Modern Lovers. I am the missing link between Orson Welles and Chuck Berry. Kim Fowley (Notas interiores)

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THE UNCHAINED MYNDS - Going Back To Miami / We Can't Go On This (Buddah Records, 1968)

"Going Back To Miami"

Estos rapaces viñan de LaCrosse en Wisconsin e para o seu debú discográfico optaron por dúas adaptacións, "Going Back to Miami" de Wayne Cochran pasada polo filtro tex-mex e  "We Can’t Go On This Way" de Teddy and The Pandas que respectaba un pouco máis o espíritu orixinal da canción.

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RONNIE CHARLES - Something in The Air (1976)

O australiano Ronnie Charles gravou en 1976 un elepé de versións titulado "Prestidigitation" no que se fixo acompañar polo English Chamber Choir e a London Symphony Orchestra, dándolle unha perspectiva distinta, e curiosa por momentos, a temas de Free, Righteous Brothers, The Who, Dobie Gray ou Derek & The Dominoes, aínda que o mellor momento é esta de Thunderclap Newman, quizais porque conte coa colaboración do propio autor Speedy Keen na parte vocal. Os arranxos do disco foron obra do ex-Orange Bycicle Wil Malone e da  produción ocupouse o afamado Lou Reizner. A portada vén cun bonito troquelado de modo que ao mover o encarte interior prodúcese o efecto da maxia e aparece o coello.

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MICHAEL KONSTAN - Michael Konstan (RCA, 1973)

"Long Before"

Pouco vos podo contar de Michael Konstan, as únicas referencias que atopei sobre el foron a súa participación en Quadrangle, grupo de New York que só publicou o single "She's too familiar now"/"Non More Time", e outra aparición, xa como solista, con outro sinxelo que incluía "This Time", tema compilado nun dos volumes de Fading Yellow.  En canto ao disco que nos ocupa, é clásico soft pop de primeiros setentas con algunhas cancións que molan como a que podedes escoitar no reproductor.  

The songs you are about to hear are representatives of a better, more positive time in my life. They are stories of love long gone but never forgotten, of the beautiful possibilities of love to be. They are the fantasies and longings of a romantic's endless quest for true love, a continuous attempt to recreate the once possessed original love. It is frustrating, not futile. 

The beginnings and endings. The reruns and fresh starts. The soul searching and coming to grips with need. The fighting to alter the pattern enough so that having is more gratifying than desiring and reality more fulfilling than fantasy. The waiting and self-restraint. The fruit is tempting but not fully ripened. Wait, oh wait for her sweetest moments. Then taste. It's worth it. It's life. 

There's your pretty cottage on that country lane. Go to it. You hear weeping trom inside. Step forward, do not be afraid of sorrow. One room is not a home-you'll find joy and laughter in another. The house will not stand without them. Sleep on, dream your dreams Wake up to and live them. MICHAEL KONSTAN 

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BARRY BENSON - Cousin Jane / Meet Jacqueline (Parlophone, 1967)

"Cousin Jane"

O británico Barry Benson é case máis famoso por ter sido o perruqueiro de P.J. Proby que pola súa carreira musical aínda que esta adaptación do tema dos Troggs quédalle moi ben. "Meet Jacqueline" é unha composición de Albert Hammond absolutamente esquecible.

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XETXU - Xohana / Xohana (2ª Parte) (Top, 1973)

"Xohana (2ª Parte)"

Xa hai tempo que non recuperamos nada galego así que hoxe tocan os dous sinxelos editados polo coruñés Xetxu nos primeiros setentas. A cara b do seu primeiro púxose de moda estos últimos anos despois da súa aparición na serie "Andergraun Vibrations". O texto que ven a continuación esta extraído do máis que recomendable "Psicodelia, hippies y underground en España" de Pepe García Lloret.

Xetxu era o pseudónimo do galego José Manuel Hermida, estudante de dereito en Barcelona, gran afeccionado á música, á literatura e as artes, que asinou contrato coa discográfica Columbia tras realizar unha proba de voz. O contrato frutificou en (polo menos) dous sinxelos, con temas cantados en galego, que compaxinaban o rock coas baladas neblinosas e intimistas (coa proverbial melancolía do noroeste de España), que foron editados polo subsello progresivo de Columbia, Top Records. 

O primeiro destes discos, aquí seleccionado, garda unha barbaridade de rock underground na súa cara B, "Xohana 2ª parte", un delirio de guitarras aceitosas, con distorsión, wah-wah, punteos pasados da raia e o cantante berrando tolo. José Hermida (Xetxu) é hoxe día profesor de universidade e escritor especializado en comunicación persuasiva. Nesta gravación foi acompañado por José María Bardají á guitarra, Toti Soler ao baixo e o Fusioon Santi Arisa á batería. 

   ¡Fogo! ¡No pobo temos fogo!
    Corre a xente, voa a xente
    e axiña como un lóstrego
    síntese unha voz: O-E-O-E-FUN EU!!

    ¡Sangue! ¡No pobo temos sangue!
    Homes e ferros revoltos
    e axiña como un lóstrego
    síntese unha voz: O-E-O-E-FUN EU!!

    (E a visión dunha rapaciña depois de xantar un ácido) Xetxu

XETXU - Bicame Mañán Baixo a Chuvia / María Tiña Un Neniño (Columbia, 1974)

"María Tiña Un Neniño"

O seguinte sinxelo de Xetxu repite a fórmula do primeiro, combinando unha peza de folk intimista,  "Bicame Mañán Baixo a Chuiva" con esta macarrada titulada "María tiña un neniño"

xoves, 5 de xaneiro de 2012

FAT MATTRESS - Magic Forest / Petrol Pump Assistant (Polydor, 1970)

"Magic Forest"

Dous temas extraídos do primeiro, e tamén, mellor disco de Fat Matress, a banda que montou Noel Redding despois de abandonar á Jimi Hendrix Experience, cos que non podía meter moita bola a nivel compositivo, creo lembrar que durante a súa estadía no trío só conseguiu que gravaran "Little Miss Strange" no Lp Electric Ladyland.

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BILLY BREMNER - When Love Goes To Sleep / Fire In My Pocket (Arista, 1984)

" When Love Goes To Sleep"

Un dos sinxelos extraídos de "Bash!", o primeiro Lp do guitarrista  Billy Bremmer despois da separación de Rockpile tiña como tema estrela este "When Love Goes To Sleep"  composto polos Squeeze, Difford e Tilbrook.