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WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Can't Stop Myself From Loving You (CBS, 1974)

"Lean On Me"

Xa coñecía algunha canción do Sr. Shakespeare pero o que me convenceu definitivamente para mercar o elepé foi que tódolos temas viñan asinados por dous titáns aos que musicalmente lles teño moita estima, Harry Vanda e George Young. Como cada día teño menos ganas de escribir aquí vai un resumo da información que aparece na Wikipedia:
William Shakespeare was the stage name of Australian Glam rock singer John Cave, also known as John Cabe or Billy Shake. In the mid-sixties he was vocalist for beat music group, The Amazons.  After The Amazons, Shakespeare continued performing in Sydney clubs as Johnny Cabe. In early 1974, Shakespeare was in Albert Studios where noted Australian producers/songwriters  Vanda & Young (ex-The Easybeats) were recording "Can't Stop Myself from Loving You" for another singer who was unable to reach its high notes. Cabe's falsetto  voice was suitable so Vanda & Young signed him and groomed him into William Shakespeare as a glam rocker along the lines of Alvin Stardust or Gary Glitter.  Another Vanda & Young/Albert Productions act was hard rock group, AC/DC who were looking for a new lead singer, on the short-list were: Shakespeare, John Paul Young and eventual vocalist Bon Scott.

In November 1974, Shakespeare released his debut album, "Can't Stop Myself from Loving You", produced by Vanda & Young.  Shakespeare appeared on teen-orientated Countdown in his glam rock costume numerous times. In 1975 Cave was convicted of carnal knowledge with a fifteen-year-old girl from his Melbourne  fan club, he received two years probation. He left Albert Productions in 1977 and had no further recordings - his pop music career was over due to his conviction and changes in music styles.  By 2001, Shakespeare was homeless and lived in a ticket booth where he was found and assisted by Lindy Morrison (ex-The Go-Betweens drummer). As of 2006, he is living in government housing.

Un anónimo, supoño que australiano, comunícanos que o bo de John Cave morreu esta semana. Aquí tedes un breve artigo cun deses titulares ao estilo Tele 5:

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pimpon dixo...

Quizás me llaméis hortera, pero os prometo que me gusta, la voz que tiene, ya de por sí, tiene un registro que engancha, las canciones están muy pero que muy bien, ritmo, variedad, estilo y jovialidad.
Pero lo más característico es la forma que tiene de cantar también las canciones que son muy alegres.
Lo peor ...... quizás la portada, podían haberse esmerado.
Un disco GRANDE, si señor.
Es precioso, lo llevaré durante algún tiempo en mi mp3 para seguir disfrutando de sus mmelodías.
Muchiiiiiiiiisimas gracias por el disco.

VaTAga dixo...

Thank you! I listened this album many years ago. This is very nice music. Great returns! Великолепная музыка, демонстрирующая то, что в те годы было много отличных исполнителей. Уильям Шекспир - один из таких. Браво, маэстро!

Anónimo dixo...

Sadly John Cave (William Shakespeare) died this week at the age of 61. If you Google you'll be able to find articles from Australian newspapers with details of his life in more recent years and an interview with him last year.

Anónimo dixo...

Thanks a lot !
You have great records here and your blog looks very well .Please keep up the good work . And thanks again for the music and your effort .

Best regards Frank

P.S.: Any chance for re-upload the ''Friends'' longplayer ?

18 RODAS dixo...

Frank, write me to the mail