martes, 28 de decembro de 2010

WHITE PLAINS Step Into a Dream - Look To See (Deram-Columbia, 1973)

"Look To See"

A commercially successful studio group who included Tony Burrows whose other session groups included The Ivy League, The Flowerpot Men, The Kestrels, Edison Lighthouse and Brotherhood Of Man.  Roger Greenaway  co-wrote their debut hit, "My Baby Loves Lovin'" with Roger Cook . After their second hit, another Greenaway/Cook composition, "I've Got You On My Mind", Greenaway and Burrows both left to join The Pipkins. A new line-up enjoyed a couple more UK hits - "When You Are A King" and "Step Into A Dream" - but disbanded in 1974 by which time interest in them had waned. Their musical format was pure and simple - early seventies style harmony pop with orchestral backing. The Tapestry of Delights

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