venres, 14 de setembro de 2012

TYRONE DAVIS - A Woman Needs To Be Loved / Can I Change My Mind (Dakar, 1968)

"Can I Change My Mind"

Tyrone Fettson was born in a rural community twenty miles outside of Greenville, Mississippi. He moved with his father to Saginaw, Michigan, before relocating to Chicago in 1959. Working as a valet/chauffeur for blues singer Freddie King, he started singing in local clubs where he was discovered by record executive/musician Harold Burrage. His early records for small record labels in the city, billed as "Tyrone the Wonder Boy", failed to register. Successful Chicago record producer Carl Davis signed him in 1968 to a new label, Dakar Records that he was starting as part of a distribution deal with Atlantic, and suggested that he use the stage name Tyrone Davis. His first release, "A Woman Needs To Be Loved" was flipped when the b-side started to get radio attention. The song, "Can I Change My Mind" featured a change of vocal style for Davis with a softer, more pleading approach and tone. Wikipedia

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