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DADDY LINDBERG Shirl - Wade In The Shade (Columbia, 1967)

"Wade in The Shade"

The Fingers foron unha das primeiras banda británicas en definirse a si mesmos como sicodélicos alá polo 66. Tamén, segundo as lendas que acompañan a todo grupo de rock, saían a escena cun mono de nome Freak Out. Na súa curta carreira deixaron tres sinxelos aínda que  o seu terceiro apareceu baixo o seudónimo de Daddy Lindberg. "Shirl", una peza de Geoff Stephens e John Carter non vale moito pero "Wade in the Shade" é realmente impresionante.  Hai uns días púxose en contacto con nós John Bobin,  baixista orixinal de The Fingers,  que nos conta isto:

I saw a track called "Wade in the Shade" in your blog which my old band The Fingers recorded in 1967 under the name Daddy Lindberg (The Fingers were under contract to EMI, with a certain amount of recording time allotted to us at Abbey Road. We had run out of time for that period so Peter Eden (our producer) booked us in as Daddy Lindberg!). We were recently persuaded to reform for a one-off gig and the evening was recorded for posterity. Henry Scott-Irvine (the well known author, broadcast media consultant and radio presenter) was present at the reunion gig when The Fingers played together for the first time since 1967. Henry described the gig thus: 

“The Fingers emerged in 1966 and recorded their best songs in the summer of 1967. With former members of Dr Feelgood, The Kursaal Flyers and Wilko Johnson’s Solid Senders, gathered alongside former associates of Procol Harum, The Fingers took to the stage on the night of September 21st 2012 in the shape of their original line-up. During the break several TV screens came to life showing The Fingers in May 1967 from the German TV series Beat Beat Beat, which was televised, live in Frankfurt. The pinnacle of the show was ‘Wade in the Shade’, which was the B-side of ‘Shirl’ undertaken by The Fingers’ alter-ego band Daddy Lindberg. I did say to their bass guitarist, John Bobin, that it was a shame they had not played ‘All Kinds Of People’ and its B-side ‘Circus With A Female Clown’, which are now regarded as psychedelic masterpieces by many, which brings us back to that particular tag ‘psychedelic’. Record Mirror newspaper said in 1966, ‘The Fingers are as about as psychedelic as Ken Dodd!’ Leaving aside the above two songs, the Daddy Lindberg single and the songs seen on Beat Beat Beat, Record Mirror probably had a point. The Fingers were a great 60’s Pop group. They were extremely versatile, then and now. And they had their psychedelic moments, too!” 

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