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MIKI - Dear Auntie Mary / A Piece Of Heaven (RCA 1969)

O tal Miki é en realidade Miki Anthony do que tedes unha wikipédica biografía máis abaixo. "Dear Auntie Mary" é unha peza composta por Mark Wirtz que ben podería ir incluída naquel proxecto chamado "A Teenage Opera" pero eu prefiro a cara B, unha composición do propio Anthony.


Miki Anthony's career in the music industry lasted approximately from 1970 to 1985 . During that time he had several hit records, as a singer, writer, and record producer, both in United Kingdom and abroad. As a singer he had a top 20 hit "If it wasn't for the reason" and a follow-up top 50 "Another without you day" both Greenaway/Cook songs and record productions. His only LP was "City of the Angels" recorded in LA for EMI in 1976, which is a collection of all his best songs, many of which were covered by other artists.

As a writer, his songs have been recorded by 5th Dimension, Vince Hill, Pat McGlynn (Bay City Rollers), Nolans, Congregation, Bob Monkhouse, The Goodies, Demmis Roussos,... His disco library music was strongly featured in all the Benny Hill TV series and the Avengers TV. After leaving the music industry he had a very successful career as a property developer converting NHS hospitals into apartments and houses until he retired in 2001 to work from home in Windsor and spend more time with his family. He continues to write songs and in 2010 "If you never have the chance" got to the final of the UK songwriting contest. Wikipedia

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