xoves, 16 de outubro de 2014

FOREST GREEN - Forest Green (Capitol, 1973)

Supoño que estes rapaces debían un favor a alguén porque a portada é fea de carallo, algo que non sucede co contido que é máis que aceptable e entretido, un pouco de pop, outro pouco de rock e certos toques progres para estar á moda, todo envolto cunha boa sección de vento. As que máis me gustaron son as tres que firma o guitarrista. Estas son as notas da contaportada.

Since its formation In the Spring of 1970. Forest Green has devoted itself to a full-time. eminently professional exploration of its roots. influences. and the techniques at Its command. Combining sensibilities that stem and range from classical to the self­widening channels of Improvisational Jazz. Forest Green puts together a sound that is at once logical. tight. and satisfying. Most Importantly, what emerges from the sophisticated mix -with its splendid Incorporation of elements as diverse as a Big Band Sound or a Latin Pulse- is an exuberant lyrical innocence; a sense of wonder at all the wit and emotion that music may convey 

True then to the City of Philadelphia whose sound Forest Green has helped to further define, and to all others now interested in their music, Forest Green delivers a message of Youth and life aspiring to newer, more procressive horizons.  

Matt Damsker, Associate Editor of 'The Drummer

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Unknown dixo...

Errr... How do I download this? Thank you!

18 RODAS dixo...

the link is on the tittle

Unknown dixo...

Got it, thanks so much! Seems I keep forgetting this... Must be my age :)

Anónimo dixo...

hola _ muchissimas gracias por compartir ese album , lo tenia en mi wishlist desde anos , te estoy agradecido