domingo, 15 de febreiro de 2015

PURPLE VELVET - Tribute To Creedence Clearwater (Avenue Recordings, 1972)

Towards the end of the nineteen-sixties, the focus of attention in the field of international pop music swung to the West Coast of America where a new and vital spirit had sprung up amongst the horde of young musicians who had gathered there. It was a period which was to see the emergence of a number of outstanding musical aggregations and individual talents, all reaching out for fame and fortune in the rich and relaxed atmosphere that pervaded the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. As the decade moved to a close and the gentle and wistful sounds which had heralded the appearance of flower-power and incense lost favour, the music took on new vitality and drive.

Out of this creative maelstrom came Creedence Clearwater Revival, four young, talented men whose distinctive powerhouse sound was to set a new pattern for American pop music. The group's gutty, raw material, penned mainly by their leader John Fogerty, was based securely in the blues of the deep South, and their dynamic interpretations quickly swept Creedence into the upper reaches of the best-selling record charts, not only in America but also across the international music scene. 

On this album, Purple Velvet recreate and capture the full vitality and force of Creedence's magni­ficent sound in a selection of their twelve best-known performances. A fitting tribute to one of the most exciting groups to appear in recent times and a superb L.P. for your collection. 

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