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MARBLES Marbles (Vinyl Countdown, 2006)

"Red Lights"

Estos chavales tenían grandes canciones y mucho potencial pero sólo consiguieron publicar un par de fantásticos singles que son el principal argumento de este elepé. El resto son maquetas y algún tema en directo y aunque el sonido no es bueno les sobra talento. El texto que viene a continuación está extraído de Punk Mod Archives .

David and Howard Bowler and Dave’s friend Eric Li who he met as a freshman at Columbia University formed the band in 1974 in NYC. Shortly after, Jim Clifford joined as Bassist. We started writing songs and playing shows all over the city and became frequent headliners at CBGBS. They used to give us entire weekends there where we headlined with acts like Blondie, the Ramones, B52’s, Talking Heads and lots of others. One Saturday night in 1978 we opened for AC/DC.

Our first single was "Red Lights" b/w "Fire and Smoke". Terry Ork signed us after signing Television and Patti Smith. He actually wanted Fire and Smoke as the A side be we convinced him that Red Lights was really the single. We recorded a bunch of demos for Hilly Kristal that were supposed to be released on CBGB Vol 2. but the Lp was never released.

Our second single came out on Jimboco Records. "Forgive and Forget" started getting airplay on a major station in New York-WNEW FM- by DJ Vince Scelsa. I never did thank him for playing the record which he began playing regularly.

In 1979 we were getting disillusioned and broke up the band but reformed as a production company called Atomic Records. We signed artists to our label and recorded two Lps for A&M Records.

In 1988 we wrote and produced a top 40 US single called “Saying Sorry Don't Make it Right”. The featured artist was Denise Lopez, a singer we had auditioned for the song. In 1989, Keyboardist Eric Li died from a drug overdose.
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ge dixo...

I saw them in early days of CBGB
"RED!-- RED!-- lights in his eyes!"

robert pally dixo...

Cool stuff!!