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THE SPECTRUM - Little Red Boat By The River - Forget Me Not (RCA, 1969)

"Forget Me Not"

Xa que falabamos de The Spectrum no post anterior, aquí vai o sinxelo ao que faciamos referencia.  Dos Spectrum ingleses, había outros australianos progres co mesmo nome naquela época, contan as lendas que apareceron vencellados a un produto televisivo con fase de selección tipo Monkees , o certo é que foron máis populares no resto de Europa que na súa propia casa. En España foron número 1 con "Headin´ for a heatwave" aínda que a miña favorita é "Samantha´s mine". O su único Lp, "The light is Dark Enough", podedes escoitalo en Ezhevika Fields. ***


There are contrasting views of The Spectrum's origins. According to the band was originally formed for Captain Scarlet, but as Paul Cross at Sweet Floral Albion tells it the band was already formed and was appropriated for the TV series. On the other hand, Bruce Eder at All Music Guide sees The Spectrum as a manufactured group, reportedly put together by British RCA to see if they couldn't come up with a U.K. equivalent of the Monkees.

The final word may go to Scott Swanson in a detailed post to Spectropop Group: while it is true that Anderson signed The Spectrum to record a version of the Captain Scarlet Theme Song, I suspect that the name duplication was mere coincidence -- and Anderson only hired the band to avoid a lawsuit! Swanson also points out that The Spectrum pre-dated The Monkees, even though RCA may have signed them "with the Monkees in mind". Poparchives 

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