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FIRST CLASS Beach Baby - Both Side Of The Story - Bobby Dazzler (Philips, 1974)

En 1980 o selo Sunny Records editou de novo "Beach Baby" pero utilizando unha cara B distinta, "Bobby Razzler", en realidade o segundo sinxelo de First Class.

The First Class was the studio creation of the British singer-songwriter John Carter and singers Tony Burrows and Chas Mills as an outlet for material Carter wrote with his creative partner and wife, Gillian (Jill) Shakespeare.

Carter and Shakespeare wrote the song "Beach Baby" in the summer of 1974 in their home in East Sheen, South West London, far from California or, for that matter, any beach. Carter immediately enlisted the help of lead singer Tony Burrows and another session singer, Chas Mills, to record the song for Jonathan King's UK Records record label under the name The First Class. The dense, complex production, layered vocals and wistful lyric evoked the 1960s west-coast production style of lead Beach Boy Brian Wilson. In 1974, at a moment when nostalgia for the 1960s was fashionable, the song became a hit in the UK and in the U.S.. The closing section uses the same chord structure as the third movement of Sibelius' Fifth Symphony!

The group recorded a follow-up single, "Bobby Dazzler" and material for their eponymously title first album, The First Class. While there was some demand for live performances by the group, neither Carter or Burrows had the time for or interest in touring. So, a group including bassist Robin Shaw, lead singer Del John, guitarist Spencer James (now lead singer with The Searchers), keyboardist Clive Barrett and drummer Eddie Richards was assembled to perform a number of dates as The First Class. However, although that quintet is pictured and credited along with Carter, Burrows and Mills on the cover of the band's first album, none of the "live" quintet actually performed on "Beach Baby" or any of the album's other tracks.

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