luns, 18 de xaneiro de 2010

KINCADE Dreams Are Ten A Penny - Counting Trains (Penny Farthing-Belter, 1973)

 "Dreams Are Ten A Penny"

In December 1972, I had a call from Larry Page at Penny Farthing Records, the label that my band "OCTOPUS" had recorded for. He told me that they had a hit record in Europe by a group called "KINCADE" who didn't actually exsist. The record, called "Dreams are Ten a Penny", had been made by John Carter who was formerly a member of "THE IVY LEAGUE" and who did not now want to go out as performing artist. Larry asked if I could put a group together to perform in Holland on The Dutch equivilent of "TOP OF THE POPS" in about ten days time. All we had to do was mime to the record. I said OK and recruited my brother Nigel and Rick Williams one of the ex members of "OCTOPUS".  Paul David Griggs

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