luns, 26 de xullo de 2010

THE END Loving, Sacred Loving - We've Got It Made (Sonoplay, 1967)

"Loving, Sacred Loving"

"In the winter of 1966 we had a gig in Zermatt in Switzerland at a hotel there, appearing with the Ready Steady Go Dancers. At that point our second saxophonist John Horton had left and Gordie Smith had replaced him. While we were in Switzerland an old friend of Gordie's called Sandra Le Brock, who was a choreographer for a Spanish TV show, came over to England looking for acts to appear on this show. She contacted Gordie to ask if we would be interested in going to Spain to do some work. She was also scouting acts for a Spanish record label called Sonoplay who wanted an English band on their roster.

Upon returning to England from Switzerland, the band consulted with Bill Wyman and opted to try their luck on the Spanish music circuit. Several singles were recorded at IBC and Olympic studios and were produced by Bill Wyman who licensed the marterial to Sonoplay Records. The End soon found themselves stars in Spain, fraternising with acts such as Los Bravos and being part of the Madrid music scene. Soon after this initial success The End underwent a line-up change that reflected the change in direction that the band wished to pursue".
Colin Giffin 

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