mércores, 19 de outubro de 2011

THE SUGAR CANYON On a Summer Night / On Top of The World (Buddah, 1968)

"On Top of The World"

Quizás alguien recuerde a aquel grupo ficticio de la factoría Kasenetz-Katz de nombre irrepetible Rock and Roll Double Bubble Trading Card Company of Philadelphia 1941 que fueron responsables del himno chicletero "Bubble  Gum Music". Pues para los sesudos decir que The Sugar Canyon son en realidad los mismos tipos pero con diferente disfraz. "On a summer night" no es gran cosa pero "On top of the world" está muy bien. Esto es lo que cuenta uno de los miembros del grupo, Bruce Doshier, en The Classic Bubblegum Music Page:

I was in the original band that recorded "Bubble  Gum Music". The band was composed of Gary James, Billy Dalton, Bruce Doshier (myself) and Ray Sutton. We are all from Texas and came to California to be rich and famous musicians. Ray Sutton did the lead vocals and the backup was done by the rest of the group. We also played all the instruments except for the horn section. It was recorded in a studio in Hollywood off of Hollywood Blvd. Jerry Goldstein did the production.

The band released other singles under the production of Jerry Goldstein but using different names. "On a Summer Night" the flip side of "Bubble Gum Music" was first released on the Buddha label using the band name "Sugar Canyon". We played second billing to The Doors at a concert in Tucson Arizona. The song was a local hit at the time.

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