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MICHAEL McGEAR Woman (Island, 1972)

"Bored As Butterscotch"

Mike McGear (o irmán de Paul McCartney) foi membro dos Scaffold, aquel trío no que tamén estaban Roger McGough e John Gorman e que durante uns anos coa súa súa mestura de comedia, poesía e música incluso acadaron certa notoriedade con temas frikis como "LilyThe Pink" ou "Thank U Very Much". Está ben lembrar tamén o Lp que editou en compaña de McGough, "McGough and McGear" en 1968 e que incluía "So Much", unha canción que me gusta especialmente. "Woman" foi o seu primeiro traballo en solitario e nel conta de novo con McGough nas letras agás a colaboración co seu irmán Paul co que compón a medias a deliciosa "Bored As Butterscotch" aínda que nos créditos aparece asinada por McGear e amigo. O resto do disco ten os seus momentos como "Roamin A Road", "Witness" ou o rock de "Uptown Downtown" que xa fora gravada por Scaffold

Notas interiores:

"i asked zoot money, andy roberts, dave richards, gerry conway, norman yardley and john megginson to leave their homes to stay at mine in liverpool and with very little time or money de my first solo album: being mad they agreed. a year, lots of time, lots of money, and lots of friends later it was done. not knowing how to sing i chose the north to tear my guts out, and drove to stockport.s.r.s. studios where pete tattershall recorded all the basic tracks. zoot on one grand (and leky) piano, john on the other, andy on kriwaczek (pronounced krivocheck) acoustic and lead gtr, dave on bass gt.. norm gob iron, jerry drums, and i was khown to pick up my maracas. the next few months were covered in 'roof over your head' work, during which roger mcgough (the good poet) and i polished off the words. and i phoned people who would make the album nicer. on to e.m.i, abbey rd. studios where with the help of tony clarke we added final vocals, tim and the centipede string section/tony coe, chris pyne, cecil moss, mike rosen. molly duncan roger ball and other brass friends-paul korda, alan gorrie, steve gould (heavenly soulchoir) ginger johnsons african drums brian augers lovely organ, and special appearance of roger bunn on spaceship "mindblow". john meg may i add had the cheek to arrange the brass and strings. then endless hours of mixing with tony, me, and meg, and finally tony common came up to take some wet wirral photos, then down to finish the artwork. The end result is the plastic disc under this cardboard and a year out of my life. i (what they laughingly call) produced it. i've also treated my voice like an instrument (particularly on things like jolly good show) and naturally instruments blend, together at times. so there follows a list of printed songs to catch the words that float away."

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