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18 Rodas Radio - 13/12/2018

01 GRATEFUL DEAD - Uncle John´s Band 1970
02 NEW RIDERS OF PURPLE SAGE - Whatcha Gonna Do 1971
03 STEVE MILLER BAND - Going To The Country 1970
04 BOZ SCAGGS - I'll Be Long Gone 1969
05 BOBBY LANCE - Somewhere In Between 1969
06 DAN PENN - If Love Was Money 1973
07 THE BOX TOPS - Fields Of Clover 1968
08 LES DEESES MORTES - Les Joies 2010
09 MALCOLM SCARPA - Las Cosas Cambias 2004
10 MONSERRAT - El Truco Del Mago Del Sombrero Inglés 2015
11 ECTOPLASMA - Superhéroe En Paro 2006
12 TREM FANTASMA - Condensador De Fluzo 2013
13 TRANSILVANIANS - Dr Jekyll & Hyde Park 2014
14 OS PARANOIAS - The Lancastrians 2018

martes, 11 de decembro de 2018

KIM FOWLEY - Visions Of The Future (Capitol, 1978)

On one of Southern California's coldest nights in 1973, I wrote and recorded "Hollywood Confidential." I didn't realize at the time that this and other cuts on "Visions Of The Future" would remain unreleased until 1978. Capitol Records merely waited until the time was right and for this I am grateful. The title of this LP no should be self-explanatory. As an artist I have always been stranded at the bottom of the barrel, out of my mind in warm beds, tormented by an excess of part time lovers. I must have been crazy to create these instant slime classics. Much more fulfilling however than to watch the world go by on a 2-inch screen. 

"Shine Like A Radio" was once performed on stage at the Whisky a Go Go by the Hollywood Stars for the amusement of Angela Bowie. Ms. Bowie screamed, "Hit.!". An epic inspired by devil juice, it sure beats shooting pool. "Visions Of The Future," this LP's title track is "The cry of a psychopathic dog, indeed the  barking fever of a frustrated animal." The above quote belongs to the combined verbal forces of that particular Kim Fowley band which featured Peter Lion, ex-Hudson Brothers,  Mars Bonfire, ex-Steppenwolf; Jim Moon, one of the last Byrds drummers,Carlos Bernal, an ex-Byrds roadie and guest multi-instrumentalist Chris Darrow, founder member of Kaleidoscope. These selections were recorded for the infamous unreleased "Automatic" LP. "California Gypsy Man" was written in Vaxholm, Sweden. Surely one of the great undiscovered treasures of this century. 

"It's Great To Be Alive" was created by myself and Rodney Bingenheimer. A slice of summer smiles, this work of mid-south  dada along with "California Gypsy Man" appeared on the sex rockers favorite LP of 1972 "I'm Bad." Band at the time included Mars Bonfire, Tornado Turner, who took James Williamson's place in the Stooges at a post-"Raw Power"Chicago gig. Iggy used to sing "She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills," plus "It Will Stand" during these tarnished days. The drummer was Dreshan Theaker, ex-Crazy World of ArthurBrown, and Warren Zevon. Piano and bass were Peter Sears, ex-Rod Stewart and current Jefferson Starship.  

"E.S.P. Reader," composed in Topanga Canyon, deals with romantic lies on a leather and shades level. "World Wide Love" hardly a statement of pan american boogie or teenage cruises rather points out my view of the global village from a pinball millionaire position. These last two sides were from my "International Heroes" LP, recorded in London and North Africa with various U.K. players including Tony Mac, Charlie McCracken, ex- Taste; a tall, multi-genius' named Peter; a mystery keyboard pounder; Ron Charles, a phantom Harmonicat, Kerry Scott and Glen Turner who should have been the Stevie Winwood of the 70's. 

"Forbidden Love" a song to blue-eyed tigers; written on the road to hell, that I crawled upon at that time, from "I'm Bad." "Something New," night burning predictions from yours truly from his interchangeable House of Wax. From "Heroes" LP in '73. "International Heroes," hot trax from LP of same name. Recorded this year by the British Lions. 

"Save Your Love For A Rainy Day" was my black orchid statement sung with the Queen of Hearts, Becky Hobbs, the only lady to ever jam with the Duane Allman - led Allman Brothers Band at the '72 New Orleans Pop Festival. "Film Maker" from "Automatic" proves among my skin and bones thrust, is a tribute to the director of "EI Topo:" "Mom And Dad" from "Automatic" proves I am one of the world's oldest children. "Red China" a bit of lipstick advertising from" I' m Bad" should put me way up in the politico waaaah. 

Selections from "I'm Bad" and "Heroes" were produced by Jeff Cheen. I produced the cuts from "Automatic." I arranged everything. The engineers and mixer were Dave Hassinger, Paul Grupp and Mike Ross. Photography by Norman Seef. 

I made this record because I am unique and special. I also produced tapes around the same time by Gene Vincent, Blue Cheer, and the Modern Lovers. I am the missing link between Orson Welles and Chuck Berry.Kim Fowley (Notas interiores)

18 Rodas Radio - 29/11/2018

01 DOMINGO Y LOS CÍTRICOS - Buen Provecho 1994 
02 MAGÍN BLANCO - Hielo Sobre Hielo 2007
03 COSECHA ROJA - Maldito 2000 
04 JUAN ANTONIO ROSS - Cometa 2012 
05 GURÚS - Desaparezco 2015 
06 MIGUEL ÁNGEL VILLANUEVA - Los Días Que No Voverán 2004 
07 BEL VIOLETA - De Ficciones 2005 
08 BUSTAMANTE - Al Sur Del Corazón 1998 
09 ESPIÑO - Flores, Tambores e Ilusións 2017 
10 MICRONS - Liberación 1972 
11 POLOS OPUESTOS - Smartypants 1969 
12 MIGUEL RIOS - Miss Mattos-I Want To Make You Feel All Right 1970 
13 ALBERT BAND - Ella Tiene El Cabello Rubio 1970 
14 LA LLAVE - La Bruja 1971 

18 Rodas Radio - 22/11/2018

01 RAIN PARADE - Blue 1984  
02 THE DB´s - She´s Not Worried 1981  
03 THE FEELIES - On the Roof 1986  
04 THE NECESSARIES - More Real 1981  
05 HAWKS - Spend This Evening 1981  
06 THE GENTRYS - Goddess Of Love 1970  
07 ARNOLD BEAN - Captain Marvel 1971  
08 THE RUGBYS - Lines Of Tonight 1969  
09 LAZARUS - Stay With Me 1970  
10 HY SLEDGE - Canadian Exodus 1971  
11 BOURBON - La Triste Realidad 2018  
12 LOS ESTANQUES - Madame Burdel 2016  
13 MELANGE - Río Revuelto 2017  

luns, 19 de novembro de 2018

18 Rodas Radio - 15/11/2018

01 CHEAP TRICK - Surrender 1978
02 STARZ - Cherry Baby 1977
03 IAN LLOYD - She Broke Your Heart 1979
05 IRONHORSE - Sweet Lui-Louise 1979
06 THE GLASS KEYS - Workshop Of My Mind 1986
07 THE TIME MACHINE - Dear Prudence 1986
08 PAUL ROLAND - Mad Elaine 1986
09 VIOLET SWELLS - Into The Ether 2014
10 BALDUIN - Mirror, Mirror 2015
11 THE PILLBUGS - Good To Be Alive 2007
12 THE VIBRATORS - We Vibrate 1976
13 THE NIPS - All The Time In The World 1978
14 ULTRAVOX! - Young Savage 1977
15 999 - Emergency 1978

venres, 9 de novembro de 2018

18 Rodas Radio - 8/11/2018

02 STEVE KARMEN BIG BAND - Breakaway Parte 2 1975 
03 DAVID COPPERFIELD - Me And My Leslie1973 
04 THE KINKS - Runnin Down Town 1971 
05 GALLAGHER & LYLE - I Believe In You 1973 
06 GERRY RAFFERTY - Don´t Count On Me 1971 
07 HONEYBUS - Big Ship 1972 
08 HONEYBUS - Walking Apdrodisiac 1969 
09 COLIN HARE - Breaking Away 2018 
10 PETER PERRETT- An Epic Story 2017 
11 AMERICA - Work to Do 2007 
12 CHRIS PRICE - Discount Love 2018 
13 AUDIENCE - The Poet 1969 
14 CAMEL - Never Let Go 1973 

domingo, 4 de novembro de 2018

WAGON - Wagon (Top Records, 1971)

Segundo a pouca información dispoñible Wagon eran franceses que acabaron en España a principios da década do setenta e que dalgunha maneira estableceron contacto co pekenike Alfonso Sáinz que se interesou pola súa proposta, de feito el é o supervisor musical e asina  cinco dos temas xunto a Daniel G. e Claude H.. No estritamente musical as cancións traen á mente a grupos como Chicago ou Blood, Sweat & Tears co toque progre que tiñan na súa primeira época. Excepto a versión dun tema que non me gusta nada, "Green Green Grass Of Home," o resto do disco está bastante ben aínda que as guais son "Forever", recuperada en "Sensacional Soul Vol. 2", "Show Me Which Way" e "I Love You, I Need You, I Want You" con ese toque Tony Macaulay.

mércores, 30 de maio de 2018

18 Rodas Radio - 24/05/2018

01 The Harry Roche Constellation - Pinball Wizard 1973  
02 Incredible Bongo Band - Apache 1973
03 Synthesonic Sounds - Superfly 1973  
04 The Saint Orchestra - Funko 1978 
05 Soul Mission - Jackie In Action 1999
06 I Beats & L'Armonica Di Franco Di Gemini - Ciao Dal Murietto Alassio 1967
07 I Componenti - Zeus 1967
08 Ennio Morricone - Svolta Definitiva 1970
09 Orchestra Carlo Cordara - Tipsy 1967
10 The Dave Pike Set - Mathar 1969  
11 Volker Kriegel - Zoom 1971 
12 Don Sebesky - Guru-vin 1968  
13 I Marc 4 - Wonder 1970

18 Rodas Radio - 17/05/2018

01 DRUID CHASE - Take Me In Your Garden 1967 
02 SUNFOREST - Magician In The Mountain 1969 
03 CHRIS BRITTON - Sit Down Beside Me 1969 
04 FAMILY - Observations from a Hill 1969  
05 BOB GRIMM - It Never Stays The Same 2003 
06 ANGEL PAVEMENT - Water Woman 1970
07 LES PHIILPPES - Siempre quise llevar sombrero  2008  
08 ALBERTO MONTERO - Vuelve a empezar 2015 
09 THE GURÚS - Desaparezco 2015 Espa 
10 MALCOLM SCARPA - Tears of Joy 1999  
11 MARDEN HILL - Curtain 1987  
12 MONOCHROME SET - The Ruling Class 1982  
13 WOULD BE GOODS - The Camera Loves Me 1988
14 LOUIS PHILIPPE - You Mary You 1987  
15 WALLPAPER - Wallpaper 1987

mércores, 16 de maio de 2018

18 Rodas Radio - 10/05/2018

01 PLAIN JANE - Who´s Drivin´This Train 1969
02 HELP YOURSELF - Brown Lady 1972
03 ERNIE GRAHAM - Sweet Inspiration 2007 
04 STRAY - Oil Fumes And Sea Air 1973
05 LOS DESTELLOS - Onstá La Yerbita 1971 
06 DAKILA - El Dubi 1972 Dakila
07 EL CHICANO - Tell Her She's Lovely 1973 
08 SANTANA - Everything's Coming Our Way 1971 
09 NRBQ - Can't Wait To Kiss You 2014 
10 THE MONKEES - You Bring the Summer 2016 
11 XTC - The Mayor Of Simpleton 1989 
12 FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE- The Summer Place 2011
13 GOSPELBEACH - Sunshine Skyway 2015 
14 BEACHWOOD SPARKS - You Take The Gold 2001


venres, 9 de febreiro de 2018

SUNSHINE - Sunshine (Roulette, 1977)

No hay mucha información sobre este trio neoyorquino formado por Walter Gil de Rubio, Ralph Persico y Joe Ravormina que dejó para la posteridad este único álbum de canciones predominantemente acústicas e irreprochables armonías vocales. No todas son ganadoras, pero los amantes del pop hortera de la segunda mitad de los setentas, encontrarán satisfacción garantizada en temas como "Ann" , "Reach Out" o la que se puede escuchar en el reproductor.

xoves, 18 de xaneiro de 2018

GARY - O´ Gary O´ (Capitol, 1981)

Gary O´Connor, un canadiense con experiencia previa en bandas de segunda B como Cat, Revolver o Aerial, debutó en solitario con este elepé que al igual que otros muchos discos de esa época, se mueve por la delgada línea que separa el AOR más convencional y el power pop más o menos académico. En este caso lo que predomina es lo primero pero a pesar de todo hay por lo menos tres temas que están bastante bien, la versión de los Hollies de "Pay You Back With Interest", campanitas incluídas "Been a Long Time" y "The Way You Look Tonight" con todo el espíritu del Eric Carmen más afectado. Las otras seis sólo para atrevidos.