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GORDON GILTRAP Oh, Well - Reflections & Dispair (Sauce, 1978)

"Oh, Well"

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On Friday 28 April, The Electric Record Company will release Gordon Giltrap's new single, "Oh,Well" (WOT 21), as the follow-up to his hit  single "Heartsong". Giltrap featured this Peter Green composition as a very successful encore during his first major national tour in March, which covered fourteen cities.

The B side is "Reflections & Despair" from his September 1977 best-selling L.P., Perilous Journey. This, together with the Visionary album from the previous year, consolidated his reputation as a contemporary musician/composer. Giltrap is at present writing material for his new album, Fear of the Dark, which will be recorded in June and released by The  lectric Record Company late in September.

Like Visionary and Perilous Journey, Fear of the Dark will be produced by Jon Miller, Roger Hand and Rod Edwards. Gordon Giltrap will undertake another tour of Britain towards the end of the year with the same band - Eddy Spence and Rod Edwards (kevboards), John G. Perry (bass) and Clive Bunker (drums). 

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Muchas gracias, tengo el single en un trastero (tampoco tengo tocadiscos ahora) y llevaba un tiempo buscando este tema para poder escucharlo (no recordaba el titulo, solo autor y aspecto del single).

Un saludo