mércores, 8 de decembro de 2010

Canción # 24.008: THE TRADEWINDS New York´s a lonely town (1965)

Aquí está la que faltaba, el tema original de los Tradewinds y que ha sido protagonista estos últimos días. Dedicada a Carlitos Rego, gran fan del sonido Red Bird. Las notas están extraídas de la página de Peter Anders.

Despite their great success at Philles, Peter and Vini miss their families and friends and return to the east coast. Back in New York City, they begin writing and producing their own demos and one of their tunes, influenced by the surf music they’d been hearing in California, was placed with Leiber & Stoller, now riding high with their own Red Bird and Blue Cat record labels. Red Bird thought the demo they’d produced was of releasable quality and Peter and Vini found themselves christened “The Tradewinds”. The song is “New York’s A Lonely Town”  and it begins it’s run up to the top of the charts and Anders & Poncia once again find themselves on the performing end of the business.

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