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REVOLUTION FRANÇAISE - Quebecois - Shoo Do Be Do (Pop Music, 1969)

"Shoo Do Be Do"

A Montreal side project by former Les Sinners member Francois Guy. After leaving Les Sinnners, he formed La Revolution Francaise in 1968. After one album many of the band members reformed Les Sinners, but Guy launched a revamped version of the band and four independent singles in 1969. 

One of these singles was called "Quebecois" on Revolution Records. The song was a pro-independent Quebec anthem. It was not only a hit but a Quebec cultural milestone. The single reportedly sold over 100,000 copies throughout the province. 

Never ones to miss out on an opportunity, Capitol Records in Toronto had the band re-record the song in English as "America". Francois Guy was happy to oblige, but changed the band's name to The Kids for this one-off release in 1969. The Canadian Pop Encyclopedia  ***

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