domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

THE JOHNY LOUIS TRIO - The In Crowd (Crown Records, 196?)

Hard soulful grooves from an obscure little combo – that of west coast pianist Johnny Louis, working here on a set that's clearly designed to challenge the 60s fame of the Ramsey Louis Trio! The record's got a very similar approach – highly rhythmic, very soulful piano lines that are heavy on the left hand – which fits perfectly with the album's jumping grooves – handled by a bassist and drummer who are definitely not as fluid as Eldee Young and Redd Holt – but who more than make up for that fact with a lot of drive and enthusiasm!  Dusty Groove.

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oldiesjohn dixo...

Thank you. This is nice music.

oldiesjohn dixo...

Thank you, nice music to hear.