mércores, 11 de xaneiro de 2012

MICHAEL KONSTAN - Michael Konstan (RCA, 1973)

"Long Before"

Pouco vos podo contar de Michael Konstan, as únicas referencias que atopei sobre el foron a súa participación en Quadrangle, grupo de New York que só publicou o single "She's too familiar now"/"Non More Time", e outra aparición, xa como solista, con outro sinxelo que incluía "This Time", tema compilado nun dos volumes de Fading Yellow.  En canto ao disco que nos ocupa, é clásico soft pop de primeiros setentas con algunhas cancións que molan como a que podedes escoitar no reproductor.  

The songs you are about to hear are representatives of a better, more positive time in my life. They are stories of love long gone but never forgotten, of the beautiful possibilities of love to be. They are the fantasies and longings of a romantic's endless quest for true love, a continuous attempt to recreate the once possessed original love. It is frustrating, not futile. 

The beginnings and endings. The reruns and fresh starts. The soul searching and coming to grips with need. The fighting to alter the pattern enough so that having is more gratifying than desiring and reality more fulfilling than fantasy. The waiting and self-restraint. The fruit is tempting but not fully ripened. Wait, oh wait for her sweetest moments. Then taste. It's worth it. It's life. 

There's your pretty cottage on that country lane. Go to it. You hear weeping trom inside. Step forward, do not be afraid of sorrow. One room is not a home-you'll find joy and laughter in another. The house will not stand without them. Sleep on, dream your dreams Wake up to and live them. MICHAEL KONSTAN 

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