martes, 24 de febreiro de 2009

THE MINDBENDERS A Groovy Kind Of Love (LP. Fontana, 1966)

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About ayear ago, an English group with a name derived from a horror movie marquee descended on the U. S. shores for the first time. The result was a burst of teen-aged enthusiasm unmatched by anything except, perhaps, the arrival of four moptops from Liverpool a few years before, This particular group hailed from Manchester. They were, ot course, The Mindbenders, three young men soon to be international "faves." Success did not take long for 21-year-old Eric Stewart, lead guitar; 20-year-old Bob Lang, electric bass; and 22-year-old Ric Rothwell, drums. In fact, The Mindbenders returned to the American "scene" this season and quickly chalked up the Number 1 recording in the U. S. That tune is, naturally, "A Groovy Kind Of Love", a song that earlier in the year soared high on the British pop charts. Someone recently suggested that perhaps it was time for a new theater marquee announcing "The Return of the Mindbenders." (Sounds a bit Iike a sequel to the initial horror movie) ... but for Manchester's musical Mindbenders, one word would suffice ... A-mazing!

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thanks for this, i still have the LP,one of my favorites

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Márcio Miranda Said:
Thank You for shared album very rare this band the Mindbenders
Thank You My Friend !!!