martes, 6 de outubro de 2009

DAVIE ALLAN Old Neck And New Strings (LP, Dionysus, 1990)

Notas da contraportada

Davie Allan ... you say "Davie who?" Probably the greatest forgotten guitarist from the sixties. Remember the movie "The Wild Angels" staring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra. That's right, Davie Allan and his band did the music. He even charted at #37 with "Blues Theme". Heavenly Blues was the role that Peter Fonda played. Davie is the one who played with that big fuzztone sound. Nothing like an old Mosrite fuzzbox, is there.

Many soundtracks had Davie on them. Like "The Devil's Angels", "Thunder Alley" "The Glory Stompers" and "Skaterdater". He also released four albums, including "Cycle-delic". The seventies weren't as kind to Davie as the sixties were. A hand full of singles were all that came out, if you could find them. Then the eighties brought an album, a couple of EPs and a CD released in Europe. All of this being the set up for this album in 1990. The return of the greatest guitar player ever forgotten. Chris Ashford

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