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DEAD END KIDS Have I The Right - Lady (Put The Light On Me) (CBS, 1977)

Dead End Kids formed in 1974 in Kilmarnock (Scotland) when local band, 'Vehicle' were looking at forming a band with some form of image or gimmick. The original 'Vehicle' line-up was Drew Clark - guitar and vocals, Alan Doc Bingham - drums, Davy Johnstone - keyboards and Alistair Kerr - Bass and vocals. They played at a rock concert in Castle Douglas and met another Kilmarnock band called 'Canyon' with lead singer Robbie Gray and after the gig Alistair asked Robbie if he wanted to audition for a new band.

The Dead End Kids took on a 'street' image based around the Bowrie Boys from the 'Angels With Dirty Faces' movie starring James Cagney. A trip up to 'Paddy's Market' in Glasgow kitted the band out with baggy trousers, braces, boots, collarless shirts and waistcoats....they bought some bunnets to top it off...but not from the market.

The band played mostly cover versions of older songs and covers of their musical heroes; bands like Queen, Status Quo and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band... CBS Records saw the reaction the fans gave the band and especially to the old Honeycombs hit, 'Have I the Right'. In 1977 an album contract and 5 singles followed, with Barry Blue producing the sounds. Sad to say though they were one hit wonders but, in 1977, with their single 'Have I the Right' reaching number 6 in the UK chart, number 1 in the Republic of Ireland and top ten in Germany, they attracted enough attention to tour UK, Ireland and Germany with regular TV appearances.
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