xoves, 19 de novembro de 2009


A1 - THE WALL OF SLEEP - Slacker
A2 - THE SIDEKICKS - Lookin' For A Woman

B1 - MEDICINE BALL - Roomis d'Gloomis
B2 - JANE POW - Cycles

Ptolemaic Terrascope is a magazine covering old and new music, usually of a psychedelic nature. It has been published irregularly since 1989. Although originally published by the Woronzow record label, it was never simply a vehicle for publicizing Nick Saloman's band the Bevis Frond or other artists on his Woronzow label, but rather covers a wide variety of bands and artists from the 1960s to the present day. Issues typically come with a 7" vinyl record or latterly a CD, and sometimes also special inserts such as artwork, scrap books, and discount coupons.

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